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Garelli Moped GHA06 Brake Cable Holder for the Right/Left Brake Lever.  003553.5.178.  (Handlebar part 6.)

Garelli Moped GHA06 Brake Cable Holder for the Right/Left Brake Lever. 003553.5.178. (Handlebar part 6.)

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Detailed Description
Garelli Moped Handlebar Brake Cable Holder for the Right/Left Brake Lever.

Garelli Moped Part Number: 003553.5.178.

       This part is from a 1976 Garelli Eureka Flex Deluxe Moped with an odometer reading of 2,346.7 miles and is one of my Garelli moped parts for sale.  The 1976 Garelli moped started and idled and the headlights and taillights worked.  The rear CEV turn signals just barely worked a little at engine idle speed.  The Garelli moped engine had good compression, 120psi, but a broken clutch.  The moped was in good mechanical shape, with surprisingly little rust, and was relatively easy to disassemble.

Product description:
Garelli Moped Handlebar Brake Lever Holder for the Right/Left Brake Lever.  This part fits into the front hole in the right/left brake lever and holds the end of the brake cable in place.

Product Condition:  Used.  Presumed working.  Sold "as is"

Moped Junkyard Part Number(s):  This part is not listed for sale at the moped junkyard.     This is for comparison only, so you know the exact part for sale.  The seller is EdsSurplus (and, not the moped junkyard.

Garelli moped diagram part number:

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Garelli Moped Repair Info: 
Clymer's Garelli 1976-1978 moped repair manual is available for free online at the General Moped repair section of  If you want quick info on fixing your moped, see Fred's Guide - How to fix your moped.  If you want an expert-level detailed description of how to fix your moped, see the Dempsey Moped Repair Manual.

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